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The Harry Potter 40-Day Challenge's Journal
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Saturday, July 21st, 2007
7:02 pm
A Few Deathly Hallows Thoughts (Spoilers Under Cut)
EDITED 1 hr 20 min after posting. I added a few more thoughts I had

So, less than 17 hours after acquiring the book, I finished reading it. It took a lot less time than I anticipated, but I did end up sleeping for about 4.5 hours in the middle of it, because I just couldn't stay awake any more.

Major Spoilers and Some Thoughts HereCollapse )

~Monkeyscience, who isn't quite sure she'll be able to escape the Potterverse any time soon

x-posted to monkeyscience and hp100challenge

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Thursday, July 19th, 2007
11:08 pm
The Last Poll, and SPOILER POLICY
Yoinking this directly from hp100challenge due to tiredness:

I hope you enjoyed the Challenge, and that it helped prepare you for the upcoming joyous event.

Now, the mandatory SPOILER POLICY:

This is a courtesy to those who may not have the luxury or the reading ability to get through the book in less time. If there still appears to need for cuts after 2 weeks, the subject will be revisited. I would like it if you'd mention in the name of your cut or in the message before the cut precisely how far into the book you're spoiling. That way, if you're only talking about something that happens on page 50, people who're on page 75 can add their thoughts.

Please do discuss things! I want to know what everyone thinks! I'll do my best to post my thoughts, too. It probably won't happen Saturday, since I expect to spend the whole day reading the book, but probably shortly thereafter.

Enjoy the last poll! (Go here to take the poll!)

~Monkeyscience, sleepy but excited!

Current Mood: excited
Thursday, July 12th, 2007
7:46 pm
Sometimes I wonder...
Sometimes I wonder if I let myself get a bit too involved in the world of Harry Potter. Yes, I realize that Harry & Co. are fictional characters, but J.K Rowling does an amazing job of making them seem like people we might know. Perhaps it's unwise to admit this publicly (especially on the Internet, where someone will pull it up to laugh at me 30 years from now. :p), but I have to say... thinking about Draco as a Death Eater makes me want to cry.

Yes, you heard me right... Muggle-loving, Gryffindor-cheering, anti-Dark-Arts monkeyscience is getting all emotional about Draco.

I suppose it's partly because I've been compiling notes on the Malfoys as I've read, but I've come to feel a special sort of interest in how Draco turns out. I loathe Lucius, although I suspect he is a product of the same upbringing that he's giving Draco, and can't quite get a grip on who Narcissa is, though I do pity her. Draco, though, I worry over. He's still young enough to change. To me, he's still ignorant of the breadth and depth of the evil in the insults he readily dispenses and the insular elitism he arrogantly defends. I feel like he acts the way he does because that's the way he's been raised, because that's what he's heard from his father and been encouraged to repeat. I wonder if he realizes the seriousness of entangling himself with Voldemort. I wonder if he really understands what it means when someone really gets hurt, when someone really dies... not some abstract someone that you read about in the paper, but someone you actually knew.

Perhaps at the beginning of Half-Blood Prince he doesn't know it, but I hope by the end his eyes have been opened. I admit I could be wrong; he could just be evil. He could be every bit as callous and calculating as he sometimes appears. But I hope not. I have to hope not. He's so young. That's what makes me feel like crying, I suppose, when I think about him with the Dark Mark on his arm. He's too young... he has so much ahead of him... surely his childhood innocence can't all be gone... surely he can be redeemed.

I don't know, but I hope. And feel silly for caring so much.

X-posted to my LJ

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Friday, July 6th, 2007
8:54 pm
Page Count for Deathly Hallows
I'm sure some of you have known this for ages, but I just got around to finding out how many pages there will be in Deathly Hallows... 784, in the American edition. To read it in 24 hours, you'd have to read a bit more than 30 pages an hour. I'm glad it's not as long as Order of the Phoenix... that was a bit ridiculous, if you ask me. Not that it's kept me from reading 500 pages of it in less than five days! I'm having to pace myself a bit now, so I don't finish reading too early and have nothing left to sustain me until Deathly Hallows is out.

I suppose now is as good a time as any to mention that anything and everything pertaining to Deathly Hallows should be kept under LJ-cut for a minimum of two weeks after the book is released. If you'd be so kind to indicate how far into the book you're spoiling outside of the cut, that would help, too.

On a completely random note... who's going to see the movie... Wednesday? They keep chancing the dates, it confuses me!

~Monkeyscience, getting impatient!
12:17 am
A Burning Question
So, I decided to eliminate the Quote of the Day since it sparked zero response. I have been faithfully reading, though! After reading Goblet of Fire, though, I've been left with a burning question:

Why can Harry resist the Imperius Curse?!?!

I mean, he's a fourteen-year-old kid, and he manages to rapidly learn to resist Moody's (Crouch's) Imperius Curse, and succeeds in throwing off Voldemort's curse without too much trouble, but full-grown wizards (including Crouch, Jr., himself) were kept under the curse for years. How is that possible?? It just seems like a bit of an absurdity to me. Does anyone else have a valid explanation for this? Oh, and how is everyone else's reading going?

Current Mood: curious
Saturday, June 23rd, 2007
3:26 am
QotD: Day 13- Prisoner of Azkaban p. 352 - Goblet of Fire p. 1
A Sirius quote, and a serious quote:

"You don't understand!" whined Pettigrew. "He would have killed me, Sirius!"


That's the sort of loyalty I would hope to get from and give to my friends... but I doubt it will ever come to that for me. Guess it's important to know that your friends are as loyal to you as you are to them...

"Pettigrew owes his life to you. You have sent Voldemort a deputy who is in your debt... When one wizard saves another wizard's life, it creates a certain bond between them... and I'm much mistaken if Voldemort wants his servant in the debt of Harry Potter."

"I don't want a connection with Pettigrew!" said Harry. "He betrayed my parents!"

"This is magic at its deepest, its most impenetrable, Harry. But trust me... the time may come when you will be very glad you saved Pettigrew's life."

I'm very interested to see how this one plays out... thus far in the series (through HBP), Harry has very, very little reason to be grateful to Pettigrew. I wonder if something will come of this in Deathly Hallows. Nothing to do but hide and watch, I suppose.

In other news...

I'M CAUGHT UP! FINALLY! Hopefully I can stay that way now...

Look for a poll and other such things later today; for now, I'm bushed.

~Monkeyscience, slimy yet satsifying

Tomorrow's reading: Goblet of Fire p. 1-84

Current Mood: tired, yet triumphant
Friday, June 22nd, 2007
5:20 pm
QotD: Day 12 - Prisoner of Azkaban p. 269-352
I thought this was very interesting...

"I got somethin' ter discuss with you two," said Hagrid, sitting himself between them and looking uncharacteristically serious.
"What?" said Harry.
"Hermione," said Hagrid.
"What about her?" said Ron.
"She's in a righ' state, that's what. She's bin comin' down ter visit me a lot since Chris'mas. Bin feelin' lonely. Firs' yeh weren' talking to her because o' the Firebolt, now yer not talkin' to her because her cat... acted like all cats do"

I wonder why it is that Hermione chose Hagrid as a confidant? Not that it's a bad choice, just an interesting one.

I thought this was very funny...

Hagrid presided over the Care of Magical Creatures exam the following morning... He had provided a large tub of fresh flobberworms for the class, and told them that to pass the test, their flobberworm had to still be alive at the end of one hour. As floberworms flourished best if left to their own devices, it was the easiest exam any of them had ever taken...

Wish my exams were more like that!


Tomorrow's reading: Prisoner of Azkaban p. 352 - Goblet of Fire p. 1

Posted 23 June 2007

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Monday, June 11th, 2007
5:20 pm
QotD: Day 11 - Prisoner of Azkaban p. 185-269
I actually wonder a lot about how the standard British school system works, based on the things in HP and things I've heard/read elsewhere. This is just one of the things that makes me wonder:

Both Ron and Hermione had decided to remain at Hogwarts, and though Ron said it was because he couldn't stand two weeks with Percy, and Hermione insisted she needed to use the library, Harry wasn't fooled; they were doing it to keep him company, and he was very grateful.

Do British kids not like their families? Do British parents not like having their kids around? I suppose it's already different if your kids go to boarding school; my parents never would have permitted me to live away from home when I was 11 years old. (Or even 13, as they are in this book; believe me, I tried to persuade them!) Even now, at 23, I think they'd pitch a fit if I said I wasn't coming home from school for Christmas. Frankly, I'd cry if I couldn't go home for Christmas. Is it really that different on the other side of the lake, or is this more of a cartoon thing... you know, how cartoon characters never seem to have parents? Anyone wiser than me on the subject?

By the way, I understand that this term is a bit of an extraordinary circumstance (every term seems to have some extraordinary circumstance!), and I applaud Ron and Hermione for being their for their friend. I just wonder how their parents allow it.

~Monkeyscience, so close to catching up she can taste it!

Tomorrow's reading: Prisoner of Azkaban p. 269-352

Posted 22 June 2007

Current Mood: curious
Wednesday, June 20th, 2007
5:20 pm
QotD: Day 10 - Prisoner of Azkaban p. 102-185
He hadn't told anyone about the Grim... The fact remained, however, that it had now appeared twice, and both appearances had been followed by near-fatal accidents; the first time, he had nearly been run over by the Knight Bus; the second, fallen fifty feet from his broomstick. Was the Grim going to haunt him until he actually died?

No, but the Grim will haunt him until the Grim dies! I do like Sirius, at least on some level, but the man is one of the world's larger bad-luck magnets. He has a knack for showing up in the wrong place at the wrong time. Kind of reminds me of Anakin Skywalker, actually... he tries so hard to be cool, to be loyal to friends a family... but he gets things awfully mixed up some times...


Tomorrow's reading: Prisoner of Azkaban p. 185-269

Posted 22 June 2007

Current Mood: restless
Tuesday, June 19th, 2007
5:20 pm
QotD: Day 9 - Prisoner of Azkaban p. 18-101
For today, something a bit more random:

"How come Muggles don't hear the bus?" said Harry.
"Them!" said Stan contemptuously. "Don' listen properly, do they? Don' look properly either. Never notice nuffink, they don'."

This quote just reminded me of the "Somebody Else's Problem" field in Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy. I've always loved the concept that something could be invisible simply because one doesn't expect to see it, or can't be bothered with it!

~Monkeyscience, getting close to caught up!

Tomorrow's reading: Prisoner of Azkaban p. 102-185

Posted 22 June 2007

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Monday, June 18th, 2007
5:20 pm
QotD: Day 8 - Chamber of Secrets p. 276 - Prisoner of Azkaban p. 18
Okay, it's another two-quote day. I can't help myself... deciding is hard!

Another one for the conspiracy theorists:

"There are strange likenesses between us, after all. Even you must have noticed. Both half-bloods, orphans, raised by Muggles. Probably the only two Parselmouths to come to Hogwarts since the great Slytherin himself. We even look something alike..."

Is J.K. Rowling bashing us over the head with Voldy and Harry's foil-ness, or what? Also, does Tom have any connection with his future self, or does he only know what Ginny's told him? Obviously he doesn't know about the prophecy. Are we really certain he actually made the diary while he was at Hogwarts? Who did he kill to make that Horcrux, then? His father/grandparents? I know the characters definitely assume that he made the diary when he was sixteen, but I'm not entirely convinced it's so.

A bit of practical advice now:

"Ginny!" said Mr. Weasley, flabbergasted. "Haven't I taught you anything? What have I always told you? Never trust anything that can think for itself if you can't see where it keeps its brain?"

Of course, I find this funny, but it does seem to be a good idea. And it sounds as if this is advice Mr. Weasley really has given his children many times. The way Muggle children get told not to take candy from strangers, or get rides from strangers, or the like. Is this a big concern in the wizarding world in general? Do most young wizards and witches hear this from their parents, or is Mr. Weasley just especially paranoid because of his work with bewitched Muggle objects?

~Monkeyscience, one step closer to catching up!

Tomorrow's reading: Prisoner of Azkaban p. 18-102

Posted 21 June 2007

Current Mood: impatient
Sunday, June 17th, 2007
5:20 pm
QotD: Day 7 - Chamber of Secrets p. 192-276
I love the random funny lines J.K. Rowling throws in... if you blink, you miss them!

He was walking toward them when something of what they were saying met his ears, and he paused to listen, hidden in the Invisibility section.

And just for all the Harry/Voldemort conspiracy theorists out there:

Harry couldn't explain, even to himself, why he didn't just throw Riddle's diary away. The fact was that even though he knew the diary was blank, he kept absentmindedly picking it up and turning the pages, as though it were a story he wanted to finish. And while Harry was sure he had never heard the name T.M. Riddle before, it still seemed to mean something to him, almost as though Riddle was a friend he'd had when he was very small, and had half-forgotten.

Does Harry's affinity for the diary have something to do with his encounters with Voldemort? Is he just naturally drawn to the puzzle of the thing? Was the diary purposely charmed to make it attractive to its finders? What say ye?


Tomorrow's reading: Chamber of Secrets p. 276-341; Prisoner of Azkaban p. 1-18

Posted 21 June 2007
Thursday, June 14th, 2007
5:20 pm
QotD: Day 4 - Socerer's Stone p. 251 - Chamber of Secrets p. 25
An interesting quote from the denouement (bit longish, sorry!):

"Well... Voldemort said that he only killed my mother because she tried to stop him from killing me. But why would he want to kill me in the first place?"

Dumbledore sighed very deeply this time.

"Alas, the first thing you ask me, I cannot tell you. Not today. Not now. You will know one day... put it from your mind for now, Harry. When you are older... I know you hate to hear this... when you are ready, you will know."

And Harry knew it would be no good to argue.

"But why couldn't Quirrell touch me?"

"Your mother died to save you. If there is one thing Voldemort cannot understand, it is love. He didn't realize that love as powerful as your mother's for you leaves its own mark. Not a scar, no visible sign... to have been loved so deeply, even though the person who loved us is gone, will give us some protection forever. It is in your very skin. Quirrell, full of hatred, greed, and ambition, sharing his soul with Voldemort, could not touch you for this reason. It was agony to touch a person marked by something so good."

The first part is something I often forgot, reading the series the first time... Voldemort was after Harry himself. For some reason, I often got mixed up and thought he was only after Harry's parents, and Harry was simply a liability. Unfortunately, Dumbledore is not quite true to his word... he doesn't tell Harry the truth until it's a bit too late.

The second part is one of the reasons I find it surprising that a minority (and I want to emphasize the word minority) of Christians have strongly opposed Harry Potter from the beginning. Doesn't the Bible itself repeatedly emphasize the power of love? J.K. Rowling repeatedly emphasizes the reality of evil, and the heroism of being on the side of good. I would think that would be a lesson most Christian parents would be glad to have their children learn. I do understand some of their other objections, and I certainly see more to object to starting from the fourth book on, but this is just one of many gems of morality and goodness that Rowling includes in her books. Just a thought.


Tomorrow's reading: Chamber of Secrets p. 25-109

Posted 21 June 2007

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Thursday, June 21st, 2007
6:58 pm
The Malfoys and the Dursleys
So, no QotDs right now because I'm at work (I don't have my books), but here's a question to think about and discuss:

Do you think the Dursleys and the Malfoys serve somehow as foils for each other? Harry himself thinks that Draco reminds him of Dudley when they first meet. (SS, p. 176ish) How are they alike? How are they different? Does anyone besides me find this fascinating?

~Monkeyscience, amateur lit nerd

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2:15 pm
Chamber of Secrets! Where are my notes?
After falling behind a bit, I finished CoS late last week, and I'm only about halfway through Prisoner of Azkaban now.

I've found that stopping to take all my notes and posting them to LJ took up most of my time, which helped me not finish reading on time. But I really got a lot posted for SS and I feel a bit... dejected? I wish I had such extensive notes for CoS and PoA.


How is everyone else's reading going?
Tuesday, June 19th, 2007
1:47 am
A Shiny Poll, and Some Catchup
By now you should be finished with Sorcerer's Stone AND Chamber of Secrets!

So, I'm still a bit behind... who knew moving could make you so busy? In the moving mess, I've managed to misplace the first book, even though I only finished it Saturday. (AFTER I had moved, no less!) So, until it turns up, Day 4 will be missing. However, Days 5 & 6 have quotes up, which have been redated to reflect the appropriate day. Apparently they still appear at the top, though. It's all kind of confusing. Lest you think I'm sneakily trying to pretend I was never behind, I openly admit that that is not true. To make up for it, though, I've given you a (somewhat) fun new poll to take!

Poll #1005814 Belated Checkpoint

So, how's the reading going?

Fantastic! I'm right on track.
Super fantastic... I think I'll read all the books twice before July 21.
Erm, I'm reading as fast as I can! I'll catch up soon, I swear!
Umm... yeah... about that... could I get an extension?
Something Completely Different (comment!)

Who's your favorite Gryffindor House member?

Harry Potter
Hermione Granger
Ron Weasley
the Weasley twins
Percy Weasley
Seamus Finnegan
Neville Longbottom
Lee Jordan
Dean Thomas
Oliver Wood
Colin Creevey
Draco Malfoy
Other (comment!)

Ask your own HP-related question, and answer it. (Keep it short... you only have 200 characters!)

~Monkeyscience... just keep reading, reading, reading...

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Saturday, June 16th, 2007
5:00 pm
QotD: Day 6 - Chamber of Secrets p. 109-192
Hagrid and Ginny in one quote... it's a good day. :)

"That's what yer little sister said," said Hagrid, nodding at Ron. "Met her jus' yesterday." Hagrid looked sideways at Harry, his beard twitching. "Said she was jus' lookin' round the grounds, but I reckon she was hopin' she might run inter someone else at my house." He winked at Harry. "If yeh ask me, she wouldn' say no ter a signed -"

"Oh, shut up," said Harry.

And as an added bonus...

"You'd better hope Creevey doesn't meet Ginny, or they'll be starting a Harry Potter fan club."
"Shut up," snapped Harry.

I don't think Colin could avoid meeting Ginny, they're first years in the same house...

But I love these early Harry/Ginny moments... it's hard to say if Harry's trying to shut everyone up just as a general-embarrassment-girls-have-cooties thing, or if he might actually sort of fancy Ginny. Of course, we all know how that one turns out...

What's your favorite HP 'ship, if you have one? (Harry/Ginny isn't necessarily mine, though I do like it.) What's your favorite canon moment, if any, for your 'ship?

~Monkeyscience, attempting to climb back on the horse

Tomorrow's reading: Chamber of Secrets p. 192-276

Posted 19 June 2007

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Friday, June 15th, 2007
5:00 pm
QotD: Day 5 - Chamber of Secrets p. 25-109
"Harry!" said Ron, his eyes gleaming. "The car!"
"What about it?"
"We can fly the car to Hogwarts!"
"But I thought - "
"We're stuck, right? And we've got to get to school, haven't we? And even underage wizards are allowed to use magic if it's a real emergency, section nineteen or something of the Restriction of Thingy - "

I just love 12-year-old logic. I have a feeling I had some pretty similar reasons for some of the things I did when I was twelve, and it went over about as well with my parents...

Do HP characters ever remind you of yourself as a kid?


Tomorrow's reading: Chamber of Secrets p. 109-192

Added 19 June 2007

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Monday, June 18th, 2007
3:32 pm
SS Chapters 11-17
Yes, I should have posted this last Friday. Boo me! I finished Sorcerer's Stone on Thursday and even though I started reading Chamber of Secrets on Friday, I'm well behind on my CoS notes. More apologies! I'll try to summarize Book 2 before getting too into Prisoner of Azkaban. Read the entire post in one big long entry or click to cut to a specific chapter.

(Chapter 11: Quidditch)
(Chapter 12: The Mirror of Erised)
(Chapter 13: Nicolas Flamel)
(Chapter 14: Norbert the Norwegian Ridgeback)
(Chapter 15: The Forbidden Forest)
(Chapter 16: Through the Trapdoor)
(Chapter 17: The Man With Two Faces)
Friday, June 15th, 2007
11:42 pm
I have been/am moving. There will probably be no QotD till Monday, but don't let that stop your reading! You should have finished Harry Potter and the Socerer's Stone by now, and be well into Chamber of Secrets. If someone else wants to post the QotD for the days that don't have one, knock yourself out!!

~Monkeyscience, who sadly forgot to bring HP to read on the shuttle today.

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